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YOU RESIST? Doing the right thing
is often obscured by the need to survive

THE BOAT RUNNER is a sweeping story of a wealthy Dutch family, industrious owners of a light bulb factory in a small town, whose world is upended over the course the WWII Nazi occupation. As the family struggles to stay whole, we follow the youngest son through the forests of France, the stormy beaches of England, and deep within the secret missions of the German Navy, as he is confronted with the moral dilemma that will change his life forever. This is a novel that explores the true cost of war and questions what national borders really mean when weighed against a single human heart.

The Boat Runner by Devin Murphy

The Boat Runner

Available September 5, 2017

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Accolades for The Boat Runner

Devin Murphy's fantastic debut novel The Boat Runner is a lot of things – thrilling, tragic, well-paced – but maybe most of all, timely. With prose reminiscent of Per Petterson, The Boat Runner is a book that asks its reader, When does a person stand up? When does a normal person take action? And how does a person resist against overwhelming power? The Boat Runner is a satisfying page-turner, sure, but it is also an allegory for our time, a reminder of world war not so long ago, when fishermen, factory owners, children, and mothers became reluctant heroes, standing bravely against a sudden and twisted evil.

Nickolas Butler
Nickolas Butler internationally best-selling author of
Shotgun Lovesongs and The Hearts of Men

Murphy is a rare writer whose prose rings with authority and beauty as it weaves the devastating story of children coming of age in the darkest hours of the twentieth century. Every page is alive with discovery, surprise, and ultimately, the mystery of what drives the human heart. The electricity which sets this story on its journey continues to crackle and spark long after the lights begin to go out across Europe, one after another, until we finally understand the cost and meaning of resistance, our only weapon against the tyranny that threatens to destroy civilization. This is an unforgettable tale of human triumph.

Jonis Agee
Jonis Agee author of The Bones of Paradise

Devin Murphy's The Boat Runner is staggering. An epic and unknown story of World War II, it lays bare the moral impossibilities families face when bombs begin to fall. Masterful prose pairs with an uncommon sense for emotional complexity–here, Murphy renders both exploding warships and the deepest quandaries of the human heart with equal grace, with equal force. In The Boat Runner, Devin Murphy has given us a much-needed tale of redemption in dark times. Its truths will be with me for a long while.

Nicholas Mainieri
Nicholas Mainieri author of The Infinite

Poignant...acts as a cautionary tale for our own times... The young Dutch boy Jacob Koopman, together with his family, lives in the middle of a morality tale, in which doing the right thing is often obscured by the need to survive. Devin Murphy has given us a moving, powerful and important work.

Joseph Kertes
Joseph Kertes author of The Afterlife of Stars and Gratitude,
winner of the National Jewish Book Award for Fiction

Devin Murphy Biography

Devin Murphy grew up near Buffalo, NY in a family with Dutch roots. He holds a BA/MA from St. Bonaventure University, an MFA from Colorado State University, a PhD from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, and is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Bradley University. He has worked various jobs in national parks around the country and once had a three–year stint at sea that led him to over fifty countries on all seven continents. His fiction has appeared in over 60 literary journals and anthologies, including The Missouri Review, Glimmer Train, The Chicago Tribune, New Stories from the Midwest, and Confrontation. He lives with his wife and children in Chicago.

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  • PANK Magazine – Dr. John's

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